Who’s the one, that I’m waiting for?
Where’s the woman I need?
Who’s the one, that I’ll open my door?
Where’s the place, where we’ll meet?
Who will love me in the pooring rain?
Who will keep me from falling?
Who will give me that kind of love?
Who will love me at all?

Who will love me tomorrow?
Who will love me till I’ll die?
Who will love me tomorrow?
‘nd who will go my way?

What’s the use of that working so hard?
There’s no need for that pain!
You do the things harder every day.
Won’t wait for love in vain?
Who will ever remember your name?
Who will keep you in mind?
Who will ever lend you his hand?
When you are old, weak and blind?

Who will love you tomorrow?
Who will love you till you’lI die?
Who will love you tomorrow?
‘nd who will go your way?


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